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I'm Lorraine Kelly from Liverpool. My only child Jamie was murdered through no fault of his own but trying to help another from being stabbed in what was called a straightener between a neighbour Jonathan McDonald and a friend of my son Jamie's. This fight was arranged by Peter Hollywood who is now doing 20 years in jail for stabbing Jamie 18 times. That day was the worst day of my life 14.9.09.   
It was a Monday and I was doing my mums shopping. On my return I saw a group at the entrance of my then street but I was not concerned as the older lads locally were always up to no good. From a few yards away I saw my Jamie with three friends walking over towards the oller by my street. I was still not worried, why would I be, my son has never had enemies or on-going feuds and was one of the most likeable lads in the area and had the sense to know better than to cross these men who were later found to be involved in his death. About fifteen minutes later a car pulled up at my home and two local lads said your Jamie's been stabbed go the Royal straight away. Then panic and shock set in and the rest is a blur as I got into a taxi still not thinking the worst then as I got to the hospital I saw shock horror Police and lots of blood. Still not my Jamie's blood, why would it be? I was ushered away by police and told by a nurse my son Jamie was stabbed from head to toe with about 35 injuries and as blood was pumping in him by doctors it was flooding out of his wounds. Still not accepting her words I went cold then Police came to me asking did Jamie have any enemies or problems I said no he has not but there was a fight with one of my neighbours Jonathan McDonald a much older man who was a known bully and drug dealer who bullied local kids for years but never Jamie.
I'm too upset right now to tell you the rest but please read my story on Jamie's 'gonetoosoon' memorial and it will tell you how that day Peter Hollywood along with others brutally murdered my only child and held him down and surrounded him and used two knives to stab him. One man was heard saying turn him over do his arse...yes they did while he was dying, they turned him over and brutally stabbed him again eight times rear of my little boys behind. How can I move on from this? How can I live knowing he suffered so much and justice was not done to the men and one woman all with blades. They killed me too. I had to go through a three week trial being glared and snarled at by Peter Hollywood and his family. Then one year later the police came to me to tell me that Peter Hollywood was actually planning my murder by having me shot dead. This was overheard from conversationsPolice were listening to over the jail's phone. I live in fear for my life now as Police did not protect me for more than a few weeks as they said it could just be him chatting through anger at getting a life sentence. Well its me with a life sentence with out my son and my life in danger and no help from the Police and no justice served regarding those others who killed my son as witnesses were warned by Hollywood's friends they will be killed if they dare testify.
So through bullies and cold blooded killers my son lost his life and justice was not done through fear of more murders to be carried out by Hollywood's friends. To me there are killers on the streets who murdered my son and basically got away with it. The Police know who else did it but with no witnesses what more can we do?
I'm hoping one day somone there that day will think my Jamie deserves justice as many saw him suffering, being held down by men and beaten and stabbed over and over and he was left sitting in a pool of blood all alone as even his three friends ran away fearing they would be stabbed too.
Jamie was just 18 and a good lad and had a smile all the time and was so happy about the new car we just bought him and he never got to drive that black Astra.
Please if anyone can help please contact the Police and get Jamie justice for his life taken for trying to help another.
Thank you for taking time to read. 








































































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