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By Suzon Forscey-Moore


This document comprises "The Corporation 1067-Present" and sketch's out a larger work-in-progress.  I am releasing the information at this time as it belongs to us all and should be in the public domain for urgent discussion and considered action.

The Norman-English Empire [sic] has enjoyed a better reputation than it has deserved, but it should be credited, at least from the time of Edward VII, with having a sensible regard for public opinion.

Crown immunity has long been used to secure and preserve that reputation by keeping inconvenient facts from the public.  Because so much corruption has accumulated at all levels, the government cannot afford to be honest.

The first charter of his dynasty was granted by William the Conqueror in 1067 to the Corporation of the City of London, making it self-regulating.  The current royals, his direct descendants, have had little choice but to continue to placate associations of powerful self-serving men.

Sir Kenneth Cork (deceased), a City insolvency practitioner and government 'fixer', was the driving force behind the creation of 'instant' livery companies in his term as Lord Mayor (1978-79).A 0 His autobiography makes it clear that the intention was not just to increase the influence of the City, but to make that influence impossible to resist.

William the Conqueror and King John had to defer to the combined might of City men and their own barons by granting them charters setting out privileges which were not granted to ordinary people.

Royal charters are anti-democratic.  They almost always concentrate power at the top.  Most of them (if my survey is at all representative) place the powerful above the law, even specifically excusing fraud ('non-recital' and 'mis-recital').

The government has never been a democracy, but as a weak monarchy it can plead duress and belief in a greater good.

The plea of duress carries substantial weight.  Readers of the attached documents will see that  men acting in association have semi-covertly dictated government policy for their own financial gain and, in all too many cases, to the detriment of the common good.

If the government's belief that it was serving a greater good (stability) by allowing self-described 'wealth creators' to drive public policy might have been defensible in the past, this is no longer the case.  A government which has enabled privileged people to ride roughshod over others will struggle to be respected.

Walter Bagehot's 'middle and lower orders' are angry.  We are angry that bankers20were bailed out while small businesses have been allowed to fail and people have lost their homes through no fault of their own.

We are angry that MPs not only gave themselves allowances to cover both luxuries and necessities, but even then cheated the system.

We are angry that we have no economic security, long and often unsocial hours of work, an environment under constant threat and countless petty restrictions on our everyday activities.

The British people will now come to understand how their basic rights have been disregarded, not just through Crown immunity, but through royal charters which have been exploited by specific professions and commercial interests.  At public expense. At great cost to the environment.  Adding to the sum total of human misery.

The perceived greater good--based upon the greatest gain for and the least damage to the established order--is inferior to the common good which benefits everyone.

The revelations in the attachment are no threat to the monarchy.  To the contrary, they can liberate it from its powerful supporters, allowing a new social contract.

What Can Be Done Now?

1.  Our common goal should be increased security for everyone regardless of status.  This can be done by forgiveness of debt and the secure possession of a primary residence.

2.  People in positions of power should conduct themselves from this time forward to qualify for mitigation in any amnesty or other resolution.

3.  Amnesty can be based upon the admission of wrongdoing and appropriate expressions of remorse.

4.  Restitution of or compensation for property which was obtained by fraud or other unconscionable manipulation can be decided by lay allocation boards.

5.  Common law should be established as superior to statutory law and issues of 'right and wrong' settled by juries charged with giving reasoned decisions.

6. Never again should corporations be allowed to profit from activities which are detrimental to human life and the environment.

7.  A progressive land tax would, over time, reduce inequality and increase everyone's well-being without causing major disruption.

Our common fears have been based upon (1) the assumption of scarcity and (2) the knowledge of our personal vulnerability.  The former can be shown to be false.  The latter may best be dealt with by understanding that, despite every wrong and disaster we see in the foreground, the human race has become ever more concerned, more principled and more determined to address what is wrong.

Terrible damage has been done.  There is now a fortunate opportunity and a moral obligation to mend and heal.

Suzon Forscey-Moore, BA, LLM

ATTACHMENTS  .pdf files
'Read First'
'Lloyds of London'
'Charter Survey'

N.B.  This open letter constitute 'The Corporation 1067-Present' are being distributed in the public interest to academics, office holders, journalists, campaigners and (separately) other individuals in the UK and elsewhere.  Along with the full research, it has also been circulated in hard copy and on CD-Rom.

Author Suzon Forscey-Moore 
Please contact for all enquires



Crimeshare kids are preparing to blow the lid off the corrupt elite community involved in money crime linked to politics, law and the powerful world of finance.

Triple A Multimedia Group,  sponsors of have produced a series of TV documentaries around their work with young people on terrorism, gangs, guns, drugs and crime for national broadcast.  CEO Terry Armstrong is in talks with broadcasters arranging for Triple A Multimedia students to research and produce a series of 'whistleblower' TV docs covering matters important to the kids of today like Respect, Racism, Sarah's Law, Money, Jobs and simply 'Staying Alive' in spite of the corrupt establishment and paedophiles holding positions of power in the community. Media education and training based Triple A Group reports the ongoing indifference of central and local government in the UK appears to have disconnected generations of kids of all nationalities in the community who have turned to the 'self help policy' of CSTV which has gone from strength to strength with more and more computer literate kids of all ages participating using the internet to explore deep into the cancer of corruption and use the knowledge gained to carve a crime free future and a better, safer life for themselves through interactive communication and understanding.

Terry says the young never cease to amaze him, they have oodles of energy and an insatiable appetite for the truth.  He adds 'they're very angry' at the mess society is in thanks to the huge divide between the have's and the have nots created by corporate greed, double standards and an inadequate education policy forcing crime to an all time high. 

Click here to see our 'Jailer Trailer' documentary.

 If you have information you would like CSTV to investigate please get in touch with


 Continued from home page

That is the million dollar question Widdy and the kids here at CrimeshareTV want answered. As the battle between good and evil continues, the wicked doctor is positioning himself for world domination powered by the police and the political system. Working quietly behind the scenes, the big, bad baron has built up a vast global network. He surrounds himself with power hungry yes men so blinded by what they think he can do for them that they fail to notice they are being led by the nose.

In the land of make believe, the villain was last seen in a submarine in Tokyo Bay. In the more bizarre world of British politics, his location remains a mystery. His identity however, is well known. Ranked 89th in the Sunday Times Rich List 2007, reputed billionaire Lord Michael Anthony Ashcroft is a prominent figure in the halls of Westminster.

The controversial deputy Tory party chairman is finally heading for some well overdue scrutiny. The cause of the furore is simple. Where does he live? Anxious to defer attention from their own reportedly corrupt funding (and to try and stem the flow of cash into their opponents coffers), the Labour party have shone a watery spotlight on the enigmatic British Baron, Belizean national and obscenely generous Conservative party donor .

In March 2000, Lord Ashcroft was granted his peerage (nominated by the then Conservative leader William Hague – go figure) on the condition that he became a UK resident, subject to UK tax. Nearly 8 years and millions of pounds worth of Tory donations later, his status is still unknown. Ashcroft, despite assurances given at the time, now maintains that his tax is a private matter although according to The Guardian, he will answer questions about his genitalia. Perhaps he got hold of Austin Powers’ famous “Swedish-made penis enlarger pump”.

Now finally, David Cameron, unaffectionately described as Mini-Me in certain circles, is showing signs of defecting a la Goldmember style. He is backing tough new laws that could strip Ashcroft of his title. What seems to be an exercise in cutting off his nose to spite his face could turn out to be a canny move for the wannabe Prime Minister.

Cameron is facing the inevitable plot twist that every sidekick worth his salt contemplates. Maintain the status quo and resign yourself to always taking orders, or strike out on your own. Either way, it’s a rocky road ahead. As deputy party chairman, Ashcroft’s influence is profound. By dint of being rich and manipulative, with fingers in so many proverbial pies that an investigation would no doubt cost as much as his donations thus far, the Lord has the Conservatives exactly where he wants them.

One senior Tory has been quoted as saying that the party is a “wholly owned subsidiary of Ashcroft plc”. He doesn’t just confine himself to donations (an estimated £2.6 million since 2003), he uses the money to dictate who will be put up for target seats. He controls the wheres, whys and hows. Responsible for polling and target seat strategy, Ashcroft doesn’t just pull the puppet’s strings, he owns them. Even Caroline Spelman, the official party chairman and apparent boss of the power hungry Lord, has been relegated to the bit part of ‘Number Two’. Stuck in a backroom of her own headquarters, another senior party member commented “I might ask her to refill my glass as she doesn’t seem to do anything else that is useful”.

Considering the influence that Lord Ashcroft’s cash and patronage has on British politics, the question of his residency and his loyalty to the country must be resolved. If the man himself is to be believed then home is a long way from the United Kingdom. According to his own website “If home is where the heart is, then Belize is my home”.

And so it should be. After all, he controls most of it. He retains Belize citizenship, owns the country’s near monopoly telecom firm and controls it’s biggest bank. Well, that’s the money, media and communications all sewn up then. Asked whether Lord Ashcroft was good for the country, the Belizean Prime Minister tactfully replied “the jury’s out”. The US weren’t as reticent back in the 1990’s. Although there was no evidence to suggest that he had committed crimes, Washington was concerned that the Ashcroft inspired tax haven encouraged fraud, money laundering, drugs and bribery.

No wonder then that the Australians were alarmed when it was revealed that the far reaching Lord had donated $1,000,000 to the ruling Liberal party just 2 weeks before the 2004 Federal election. As one spokesman succinctly put it “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. What did this donation buy?”

Cameron has no choice. He has to insist that Lord Ashcroft comes clean about his status. But then he has to pursue the courage of his seemingly genuine convictions and stop the Conservative dependency on the power hungry business magnate. A political party open to the obvious charges of corruption that  Ashcroft’s presence infers is not fit to stand in opposition. For a possible future ruling government, the consequences are unthinkable.

Lord Ashcroft’s supporters are quick to point out the good that he has done in the UK, although how owning 42% of Watford football club is a benefit is anyone’s guess. Others will point out that he set up and is still chairman of the nationwide (swiftly becoming global wide) Crimestoppers Trust. But even that venerable institution has a murky side under Ashcrofts chairmanship as CSTV discovered.

When faced with Triple A Multimedia Group's  crime fighting community arm website CrimeshareTV, the Crimestoppers Trust became angry and a spokesman had a word with the police who shut the site down without investigation. The anger and hostility shown by Crimestoppers, the police and Lord Ashcroft himself when the site was legally reinstated was puzzling. The conclusion drawn was that Lord Ashcroft had identified a potential rival and used his power to shut down a public information service run by young volunteers.                       Read the facts for yourself. (hit the link)
       Read Ann Widdecombe MP's letters of support to Lord Ashcroft and his reply. (hit the link)

What should disturb Tory candidates fawning over Lord Ashcroft for funding is that under the guise of a national charity, he can manipulate the British police to achieve his own ends. He has already proved in the case of Belize, how he can effectively control a country he claims to love. Perhaps, like the Australians, they should ask themselves what he really wants in return for such seemingly generous support. However, in the last general election, 24 out of 36 candidates who took seats from rival parties had done it under the patronage of Lord Ashcroft. This time round, no one will get through without being thoroughly vetted and controlled by the donor himself. If they don’t toe the Ashcroft line, they don’t stand a chance. Whatever way you look at it, that’s manipulation.

Ultimately, the people who will really suffer is, as always, the public ie CrimeshareTV community website. Ashcroft’s complete control of candidates combined with the financial backing to put his yes men into positions of power could mean the beginning of the end for democracy.

So yes, Dr Evil is alive and well. As for where he is living, in an ideal world, the best place for him would a cryogenic freezing chamber. Failing that, CSTV would be quite content with that submarine in Tokyo Bay. And if Mini-Me doesn’t have the gumption to defect, then maybe he should join him.


corruption probe into a £43bn BAE arms deal

Former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has defended the decision to scrap the corruption probe into a £43bn BAE arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

The High Court has said the decision by the Serious Fraud Office was unlawful.

But Lord Goldsmith said it was right because the inquiry might have jeopardised national security.

BAE maintains it acted lawfully and the SFO is now considering whether or not to re-open its investigation into the al-Yamamah controversy.

Hit the Link for the full story



Super Complaint lodged by WHICH on behalf of consumers forces the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to finally begin a far reaching investigation into hidden bank charges.

Terry Armstrong, co founder of Crimeshare TV, reports parallel with OFT enquiry an independent whistleblower investigation by CSTV is under way in partnership with television broadcasters into the banks use of the UK's legal system to employ unscrupulous debt collectors and associated solicitors to force consumers under the threat of persecution to pay current illegal bank charges without proper disclosure to the courts.


Corporate Crime Vs Community Crimeshare

BBC One's Whistleblower programme on the banks was a fine example of first class investigative journalism.  CSTV were pleased our friends and colleagues at the Consumer Action Group who fight for the right featured in the programme which served to publicise their unbridled success in assisting the consumer to fight back against the tyranny of the banks outrageous charges.

Read more of the incredible progress made by the Consumer Action Group.



Media and investigative journalism students at CSTV are collaborating with professionals to produce their own television documentary 'Paedophile = Profit.'  Research is ongoing into the mass of sensitive information fed to CSTV by bank employees who endorse our support for Sarah's Law.  This will be the mother of all TV docs set to blow the lid off corruption in politics, the legal system,  social services and not least the banks and their government appointed financial institutions watchdogs. The Financial Services Authority is corporate corruption intensified being entirely funded by the very banks that rip us off. To add insult to injury the FSA fund and dictate the Modus Operandi of the Financial Ombudsman Service. Banks sell their financial products i.e. credit cards etc claiming to be regulated by the FSA but the FSA advise on their web site they don't cover the selling of loans, credit cards or day to day banking so when the customer complains to the bank about illegal interest charges etc the bank, being a member of the FSA refers the client to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). How many consumers would know of the connection between the banks and the FOS and that in fact their complaint is being dealt with under the control of the bank their complaining about.

Office of Fair Trading Press Release
The OFT has received a Super Complaint from Which relating from interest rate calculation methods. The Which consumer campaign body has asked OFT to look at concerns relating to the number of different methods used by the banks to calculate interest rates for credit cards. The OFT have promised to fast track this well founded complaint and announce within 90 days what action if any it proposes to take!!!!!!

Do you work in a bank and are ashamed of it? Want to play your part in exposing the banks and building society's daylight robbery of the public on television? Contact CSTV's Terry Armstrong.

See for yourself the amazing Whistleblower programme following a nine-month investigation by BBC reporters working undercover in a leading British bank which revealed a culture of ruthlessness and lies which will shock their customers.


Also check out 'Money Guru' Martin Lewis



Yes really. Hard to believe I know, but more and more solicitors, lawyers and courts are seeing kiddie fiddlers as a major money maker.

One case that proves the point is going through the courts as we speak. For legal reasons we can only give you a rough outline at the moment, but a TV documentary is in pre production subject to legal consultation.

The purpose of the documentary, and indeed, this article is to highlight the growing trend amongst the legal profession of using paedophiles to make massive profits. Tacked on the back of this the banks and credit cards feature heavily for their policy of putting cash before kids.

The current media furore regarding a third of the UK population being over their head in debt due to irresponsible lending should also attack the lenders for failing to take into account that sometimes peoples situations change dramatically through no fault of their own, such as the discovery of a paedophile in the family.

The case that they highlight leaves little room for doubt. Four Kent based solicitor firms, the biggest mortgage lender in the UK and a top government funded regulatory body are all implicated as are most major credit cards.

The facts, on the face of it are simple. A well respected young entrepreneur was approached by an elderly relative who wanted him to buy his house. He offered it to the man at a knockdown rate on the proviso that he could stay in the house, rent free for the remainder of his days. After initial reservations, the entrepreneur agreed, but insisted that they should both seek legal advice first. Advice was taken, the house was bought under mortgage and everything was hunky dory.

Brace yourself for this bit, its nasty. On a visit to the house to carry out some repair work, he and his father found a horde of horrific paedophile photos, including some of younger members of his own family.

What would YOU do?

Well I can tell you what the paedophile did. After being discovered, this vile pervert got legal aid, hired the best barristers money could buy, went to court and won.

The entrepreneur, on the other hand, lost everything. His home, his business, his credit rating and his reputation. His family are now on the verge of losing their home, the entrepreneur is on the dole and suffering stress related illnesses. from the pressure brought to bear on his family by the debt incurred through the banks and credit cards who show no mercy or consideration for the situation the family find themselves in through the loss of the business by association with a paedophile as reported in the press.

How did all this happen? Well a catalogue of ‘mistakes’ by the entrepreneurs solicitors didn’t help. These ‘mistakes’ include over billing (this includes solicitor toilet breaks and charges for thinking about the case on the train….yes, really!), losing documents, handing in blank documents, and prolonging the case with the dodgiest of tactics.

Bizarre as it may seem from a moral viewpoint, the entrepreneur was on a hiding to nothing. He should have been told by his solicitors from the very first that there was no hope of winning. Did they bother with that useful nugget of information? No of course not.

Now you wouldn’t think that a well established solicitor wouldn't want to ruin his rep with a catalogue of disasters like that would you? Ha, ha, little you know then. Think about it. How many extra thousands of pounds does a conscientious solicitor make for his company by dealing with his clients this way? Let me tell you, I’ve done the research. At least £80,000. On a bad day. Add to this the cost to the unfortunate clients of loss of business, escalating interest rates and charges from the banks and credit cards.

And what about the Paedo’s solicitors? Well they are just sitting back and going along for the ride. They’re legally aided, for God’s sake, they can hire the best, take a stupid case to the High Courts, prolong it for as long as possible and make an absolute fortune out of making the life of the entrepreneur a misery.

As for the famous High Street lenders, well, to add insult to injury and to protect their interest at whatever moral cost, they made a back door deal with the pervert.

You’d have thought that there would have been an independent body that the entrepreneur could have appealed to, wouldn’t you? Wrong again. There IS a government funded body. Who are on the side of….have you guessed it yet? Of course you have.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? When government bodies tell you that they’re doing everything they can do to rid the UK of paedophiles, applaud them. But realise this. The legal profession and the big banks won’t back ‘em up. They’re far too busy making Paedophile Profits.

This is not the only case. There must be hundreds more out there. Here at CrimeshareTV, we can’t urge you enough to follow this case.  Watch this space for more details, as and when available. In the meantime, have your say on the forum and vote in our poll:

Is the legal profession more interested in profit than justice?



Stop this hypocrisy. How can we ever achieve community when the elite repeatedly abuse their position of power for personal gain and when they get caught out close ranks further demonstrating the depth of corruption that goes to the very core of the establishment with a devastating effect on society.

Kids see politicians as pirates in pin striped suits plundering the land. Is it any wonder kids couldn’t give a stuff for community when all it seems to provide is jobs in education for paedophiles and even more money for the elite.

When some kids decided to put their energies into the community DIY project ‘CrimeshareTV’ the first thing the police did was close the website down. Kids saw this disgusting act of treachery as an attack on their civil liberties and then to add insult to injury it was covered up by the government who immediately closed ranks and adopted the code of silence hoping it would go away. Why should kids try to stop the slide into crime when the government condone corruption by cabinet ministers and the police.

The whole democratic structure is in danger of collapse under the constant strain of corruption at all levels of society. Root out corruption or face a rebellion against authority too dreadful to imagine and ASBOs won’t be a bit of help. All the kids want is transparent honesty from their peers and they will respond with respect.

More on our Government Gaffs page



There has been a lot of fuss made recently about politicians, their 'professional' behaviour, their finances, the seedy side of some of their private lives and of course more recently, how the political parties are funded. Maybe though we should stop to consider the issues that go some way to explaining their actions.

Politics, like lots of social ideals, look pretty good on paper. Socialism, Communism even Religion would arguably fall into this category. The problem with these, as with all ideologies   is people!

Humans whether you like it or not, are animals, they are driven by the same natural forces as all other species, namely survival, reproduction, the need for food, shelter and quality of life. These natural urges make individuals of the species strive for power and wealth and those we trust to run things are no different. Sure some of them really do care, at least to start with but at some point the 'self interest' gene kicks in. The life of a politician in power is a relatively short one and the urge to 'line the nest' must get stronger as they near the end of their public life.

Take a minute to think about it, do a little research.  What extra activities is your local MP involved in?  How many boards of directors are they on? How many after dinner speaking engagements do they do? What do they charge?

The answers, in almost all instances, will surprise you.

BUT. When all is said and done, should we forgive them? After all, they're just doing what comes naturally. If not,  what IS the answer? We elected them, we are the ones who (supposedly) have the power, so what do we want from them? Or, in an ideal World, do we want them at all?

This issue really does seem to be one that gets people stirred up so send us your thoughts and we'll post em up! or go to the forum and let rip. ed

For more go to our Government Gaffs page







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