Mission Statement

Facilitate Aspiration


It is estimated that seven million offences are caused by under 18’s every year. Most of this ‘youth crime’ is the result of anti social behaviour, street crime and violence.


Behind these statistics, the bad press and the community backlash lie some unpalatable truths. ‘Responsible adults’ are quick to blame but slow to take any responsibility. Kids aren’t born bad we make them that way,  we give them no guidance, no resources, no care and no inspiration. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, is it any wonder these kids seek refuge in gangs? This practical proposal will convert the criminal energy of youth into community creativity.


Kids are not the problem but part of the solution.


The Triple A Multimedia Group’s community arm is the student driven, community crime prevention project.    www.crimesharetv.com  are piloting a brand new initiative designed to take kids off the streets and back into the community. With sponsorship from major brand names and with volunteers from the media industry and local communities, we plan to set up Triple A Studios up and down the country. These fully equipped Studios are attractive as opposed to Church halls or Council property and open when the kids need them, not when the adults can be bothered. It is Crimeshare TV’s intention to invite ex military personnel previously engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan to participate as role models in operating the studios in their home town. The basic purpose of the studios is to involve the kids with the crime prevention project however Triple A will deliver on-line guidance and assistance to each and every studio not only for CSTV but with whatever the kids themselves decide they want to do within the world of multimedia. Projects as diverse as TV pilots / adverts, website design, computer games, journalism and modelling, films etc are all possible activities but given today’s technology with the imagination of the young anything is possible.


From an original one off programme in East Sutton Park Prison ( ‘Act Now’) up to the formation and success of the first Triple A Crimeshare Studio based at Maidstone TV Studios, we are seeing results. One young black ex con has now gone into full time journalism. Another has had considerable success as a singer / songwriter (Felon.)  We seek strong links with local communities so that neighbourhood kids can adopt the concept as their own.


In this period of austerity and cutbacks on Police numbers together with the ongoing problem of terrorism the Police need all the help they can get in terms of local street level intelligence. Given the resources and support  we know the youth of today can turn their lives around, earn the respect of their peers and have pride in their community.


A little responsibility goes a long way…….


This is only the start of a nationwide initiative. We want a Triple A Crimeshare Studio in every community. To do that we need your help. From sponsorship to volunteers, if you can contribute get in touch. Take a leaf out of the kids’ book…..help them to make a difference.

Contact: terry.armstrong@triple-a.uk.com