From: Terry Armstrong
Cc: Alex King ; Jason Armstrong
Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 12:01 PM
Subject: On-line Community Crime Prevention Initiative

Hey Theresa

My name is Terry Armstrong and I am the CEO of the Triple A Multimedia Group Ltd.  Our group of companies are engaged in delivering vocational education and training in the arts and new media.

 The Triple A Multimedia Group delivers vocational education and training in the arts and new media  The group comprises of seven media related companies used as vehicles by students to further their careers.   The Triple A Multimedia Group's community arm is a not for profit self help on-line community driven crime prevention product.  is not a charity but an unencumbered limited company incorporated in the UK on 6th September 1989, Registration No: 2420127. 

 Over the past 7/8 years we have contacted successive Home Secretaries who endorsed the project, that is to say all previous Home Secretaries except you. At the suggestion of the Home Office we sent an annual updated circular to every Borough Council in the UK to no avail except the KCC.  The general idea was in co-operation with local Borough Councils to use a rent/rates free empty shop on every community High Street to accommodate an interactive Triple A Crimeshare Studio (see attached.) 

Given the current economic climate and disorder in the streets of our capital it cannot be denied the cost of crime is crippling and the cut backs on Police numbers isn't going to help the situation so the timing of introducing on-line community crime prevention through CSTV to the UK community could not be better.  Through interactive social media CSTV would take the criminal energy of youth and convert it into community creativity so it's a win win situation. Triple A have worked with kids and young offenders in prisons for years and know how to operate a project that would appeal to them, for instance it's a fact kids reject authority as we see to our cost today, but young people are automatically attracted to media products.  From my personal experience it would be pointless to try to operate the self help CSTV Studios from Churches or Council controlled property so every Studio on every High Street will display a neon sign featuring the Triple A registered trade mark / logo so just like McDonalds kids will know what to expect when they go in. 

Triple A have approached 02 and Cisco Systems looking for a major sponsorship deal with opportunities to hold stock in the company and I believe these household brands are well placed to benefit from the PR advantages of working in partnership with this project.

 I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with the Home Office as to the best way forward.

 Kind Regards

Terry Armstrong CEO

Triple A Multimedia Group Ltd

07900 221156